About Krook Rock
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About Krook Rock

Born in Providence, Rhode Island KROOK began to show interest in music from early on. First as a DJ and then as a rapper and producer. He started, in conjunction with his brother DJ MERC, making beats on an EMU SP-12. Together they produced two of the songs featured on KROOK ROCK’S “CRONKETON” album, which was released by JKH ENTERTAINMENT and distributed by UNIVERSAL RECORDS LATINO in September of 2006.

The brothers had started a group called the “MACK MEN” and began to perform at community events and high schools throughout Rhode Island for several years before he started his career as a soloist.

The talented rapper has performed at night clubs, festivals and colleges in New England (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine), NYC, Miami, West Palm Beach, New Mexico, Phoenix, Texas and internationally in the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

As an independent recordings artist KROOK released an EP in ’98 and LP in 2000 with a group called “BAD LUCK CREW”.
In 2003, before striking a record deal with JKH ENTERTAINMENT, he went solo again and simultaneously released two albums, a Spanish LP titled “DESAYUNO” and an English CD called “STREETS GOT A HOLD”.

His latest production “CRONKETON” was released and distributed by UNIVERSAL RECORDS LATINO in September of 2006. Currently, he is generating a buzz with his many mixtapes including his self titled mixtape Hosted by heavy hitter DJ CAMILO of HOT 97 in NEW YORK CITY. Soon followed up with “THE N°1 GRINDER IN AMERIKA” hosted by fellow heavy hitter DJ CHUBBY CHUB and most recently “THE EAST COAST OVA DOSA” hosted by popular street DJ, DJ SCOPE.

As a DJ KROOK ROCK has released over 200 mixtapes with over 200,000 mixes sold all over the East Coast and in several cities out west.

KROOK’S debut video “TRILOGY-OuE VAINA, ALL NITE, MIL BESOS” aired on satellite station HTV for over two months reaching a fan base that stretches to Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and other Latin countries that receive the network . He’s also made TV appearances in programs on UNIVISION, TELEMUNDO and on three popular Dominican TV shows .

KROOK ROCK is a very talented songwriter and producer with an uncanny style and a persuasive energy. KROOK’S drive is the key to his undeniable rise to the top of the charts.